Victory Medical has created truly unique braces designed with the patient in mind. No other brace has these patented technologies or the ability to help the patient recover the way Victory Medical’s braces do. Our braces are manufactured in the USA and are L0627, L0631, and L0637 PDAC certified to meet the stringent standards of Medicare/Medicaid, and private insurers.


Victory Medical back braces are sold only through trained medical professionals. Physicians order and fit the braces directly for the patients, which means each fit is a unique, custom solution for each patient’s needs.


Our back braces can address most back pain problems such as acute and chronic low back pain, muscle strains, spondylolisthesis, mild post operative stability, kyphosis due to osteoporosis, mechanic back pain due to scoliosis, herniated disc, facet syndrome, osteoarthritis, radiculopathy, degenerative disc syndrome, and epidural injections.


What makes Victory Medical back braces different from other back braces?

One of the main distinctions of Victory Medical from other back braces is the patented V-Foam Technology. This technology is designed to breathe, keeping areas cool and comfortable for better patient compliance. Victory Medical’s circumferential support is the other distinctive technology that sets our braces apart on the market. Circumferential lift and the uniquely designed back panel pushes the lordic curve into the proper position, which relieves pressure in the low back and creates space between the vertebrae, allowing the disc a chance to recede.

Which Victory Medical back brace is needed?

Victory Medical back braces work for many different back problems. If you’d like to see which types of braces are appropriate for certain indications, check out our products page!

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Are Victory Medical back braces made in the USA?

Yes! This is also helpful for both dealers and physicians because our product support team members – and even our inventors – are right here in the USA as well.

Are Victory Medical back braces easy to care for?

No special maintenance is required. If, however, you wish to wash your brace for any reason, you can do so.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: By laying the brace on a flat surface, remove the (3 to 4) plastic disks from the waist panel. Then flip the brace over and open the mesh back panel piece, remove the back panel and slip the cover off. Before washing make sure all velcro is in locked down position. (this will prevent any snagging).

Hand wash or machine wash (gentle cycle only) in warm water.Wash separately, do not use bleach or chlorine products. Use mild detergent and a fabric softener only. Use extra spin cycle to remove excess water. Hang to dry or use dryer on medium heat. (Make sure all velcro is locked in place to prevent sagging). When dry re-insert panels and your brace is ready to wear.

What makes Victory Medical's hot / cold therapy unique?

Hot / cold packs from Victory Medical fit right into our back braces. That way, hot or cold therapy can be naturally integrated for faster healing.

Cold therapy is often used immediately following an injury or activity and for at least 48 hours thereafter. Hot therapy is often NOT used for a 48-72 hour time period after injury unless specifically indicated by a health care practitioner and is typically used for longer term, chronic issues. Both hot and cold therapy are typically applied for 15-20 minutes and can be repeated every 1-2 hours. As always, be sure to consult with your health care specialist regarding your specific injury and the indicated treatment solution.

How can you ensure a proper fit for a Victory Medical back brace?

Brace sizes are listed on respective brace product pages. In order to measure correctly, you should be measuring around the waist at the navel level. Please see our the product page for the brace you are interested in ordering for more details.

Are Victory Medical's back braces comfortable?

Yes! Not only is each back brace fitted uniquely to each patient, but Victory Medical back braces also use patented V-Foam Technology. This foam makes our back braces breathable and comfortable, making it easier for patients to wear regularly.